Partial Types

Partial Types

Available since v0.6.7

The partial_unchecked! macro can be found in all model modules, and allows structs to be defined that have a to_params function which converts them for use inside update_unchecked. Each field of the generated structs has the same type as the equivalent field in the module's Data struct, just wrapped inside Option.

This can be useful for thing like web APIs built with axum (opens in a new tab) or rspc (opens in a new tab), where receiving updates is more ergonomic as structs rather than a list of changes.

A more general partial! does not yet exist, as supporting relations is not possible until nested writes (opens in a new tab) are supported.


Using partial macros requires the same setup as Select & Include, as module_path must be provided.


Given the following schema:

model Post {
	id Int @id @default(autoincrement())
	title String
	content String

An updater function can be written like so:

post::partial_unchecked!(PostUpdateData {
pub async fn update_post(
	db: &PrismaClient,
	id: i32,
	data: PostUpdateData
) {
		.update_unchecked(post::id::equals(id), data.to_params())

The above use of partial_unchecked! generates something like the following:

pub struct PostUpdateData {
	title: Option<String>,
	content: Option<String>
impl PostUpdateData {
	pub fn to_params(self) -> Vec<post::UncheckedSetParam> {